Still Walking

Directed by KORE-EDA Hirokazu

abe hiroshi,natsukawa yui,YOU,takahashi kazuya,kiki kirin,harada yoshio
Director/Screenwriter/Editor Kore-Eda Hirokazu


There are no typhoons in this film. Only the “before” and the “after” of dramatic events are revealed. In other words, I have focused on the premonitions and the reverberations of life. Because I believe that is precisely where the essence of life can be found.
Because Still Walking started from a place of regret, I was determined to make it a film brimming with life. Rather than portray how my parents made their way towards death, my intent was to capture a moment of life itself. And fold into that moment, all the ambiguities of family memory. Just like the photos in an old family album…
This film is a work of fiction, but I relied heavily on my mother's actual personality and vocabulary in shaping the character of the protagonist's mother. I wanted to make a movie where I could immediately recognize my mother. Not to cry over her loss but to laugh with her again. That is how this film came to be.

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